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November 28, 2006

Back in Black

Greetings to all. We took a much needed break in the sun. But we didn't forget you.

To get back in the  swing, a post-Thanksgiving batch o' tales of the absurd, the fantastic, and the downright obscene. Enjoy, as always.

Ohio Payday? Only 1% of Med-Mal Lawsuits Net $1 million or more; 80% Get The Big Doughnut Read [Beacon Journal]

A $20 million verdict to a blind boy in Pennsylvania didn't catch our attention. But we caught one interesting detail where a nurse bravely took the stand and said the hospital didn't follow its own safety net rules. One online reader caught showed her some love: "As a fellow nurse, I applaud the nurse for testifying that procedures were routinely not followed. She will probably be ostracized for the rest of her days for speaking." Viva los whistleblowers!

Grandma Pops Sleeping Pills Instead of Pain Killers; Crashes Corvette; Sues Pharmacy Read [Anchorage Daily News]

November 15, 2006

Washington Special and Blowhards

Will Tort Reform Fade as New Priorities Emerge for Congress? Oh, and buh-bye hearings on gay marriage .  Read [Law.com]

Thank the Lord! Insurance commish says med-mal crisis is over. Biz is lucrative again. Read [WTRF-TV]

Seems the GOP, the party of limited govt., was telling states how to deal with med-mal lawsuits. There's a shift happening in US politics, ya' hear? Read [Stateline.org]

Dr. Jaimy Bensimon has been defending himself in one malpractice case FOR NINE YEARS! Read [Orlando Sun-Sentinel]

November 13, 2006

News of the Nation

News_20 Petition: Lower the insurance rates already! Read [Florida Today]

$20 mil Payout in Philly Suburb; Thought Only City Juries Paid Out Big Read [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Miffed Mom Pickets Outside Doc's Office Over Poor Treatment Read [The Roanoke Times]

Rx: Judge Orders Sides To Work Something Out Read [The West Virginia Record]

Corporations Trim Fat and Liability, Tell Plebes To Get Operations in India Read [Austin Chronicle]

Med-Mal Caps? Check. Insurer Profits Up? Check.  Read [Birmingham Business  Journal]

ER Wait Kills Mom; Hospital Quickens the Pace Read [Gwinett Daily Post]

November 09, 2006

A 'Thumpin''

Images2_3 So now that the dust has settled and it looks like the Democrats will indeed take over Congress, thought we'd chime in with some observations vis-a-vis medical liability and malpractice.

At the top of the list was the "thumpin'" — to use Pres. Bush's term — that was handed down to Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania. The incumbent went down by 18 points! Personally, we think he was too polarizing and his views were way out of step with the state. He talked big on med-mal caps as his state watched a flood of docs leave as insurance rates skyrocketed. We did note, however, his hypocrisy on caps when it came down to his wife cashing in.

With Dems running the Senate show, it will be interesting to see what, if anything, they do about the lawsuit craze. With Republicans in control we got next to nothing so a change can't hurt. Our bets are on special health courts and programs like SorryWorks! getting even more play sometime next year. The AMA hedged bets this year and gave more cash than ever to Dems. They'll expect something for their support. We'll keep an eye on Capital Hill.

The other big news was on the state level. Dems took control of a majority of the Governors mansions and made big gains in state legislatures nationwide. What that all means where we are concerned, at least on this blog, is unclear. Somehow, with the Dems wanting to stay in power, they'll get to work. And remember, if you want change, it's imperative you call your rep.

Any thoughts? Predictions? Chime in.

November 07, 2006

Webcast Alert

Blaine We've told you before about Common Good, the crew behind special Health Courts. This is truly one of the most innovative solutions to dealing with America's Medical Liability circus. They're having a cool webcast on Wednesday, November 9 that you might might to check out. Details below:

Common Good and the Harvard School of Public Health will be webcasting
their upcoming event, Health Courts and Administrative Compensation:
Opportunities for Safety Enhancement

Speakers at the event include: Harvard School of Public Health
Professors David Studdert and Michelle Mello, Dr. Dennis O'Leary,
President of the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare
Organizations (JCAHO), and Massachusetts State Senator Robert O'Leary.

These speakers and others will discuss how an administrative approach to
injury compensation could enhance safety and quality, as well as legal
and policy issues likely to be raised by proposed demonstration

The webcast will begin at 1 p.m. EST on Wednesday, November 8th.  Access
the webcast and more information on the forum, here.

P.S. - For anyone in the DC area, there is still space available to
attend the event in person.

News: "election" + "malpractice"

Babe Google fun continues on this election day in America.

Search: "election" + "malpractice"

Results: James L. McAfee of Belleville, Illinois didn't like his doc telling him to vote for GOP judges. Read [Belleville News-Democrat]
State Senate hopeful in Michigan says his opponent wants docs to get immunity from certain  malpractice 'suits. Oh, and he's also charging that the guy is trying to suppress voter turnout. Hmmm ... Read [Valley Vanguard]
The late Sonny "I Got You Babe" Bono's wife talks being a Republican in Congress. Interest groups pummel her for protecting victims of medical malpractice. Read [The Desert Sun]

There's plenty more, but we've got to go vote.

PS It seems "election malpractice" is a problem in Ghana, Nigeria.

November 03, 2006

Searching For Blues

Goog Ah, the land o' Google

Search: Hospital horror stories

Results: Four Chicago filmmakers helping patients avoid their own horrors
An ER patient in a Bronx hospital details her stay in a house of horrors;
And the Top 10 secrets your hospital won't tell you.

We've written about some nightmarish stays, here.

Last lil note for the day
: Can we tell you how many people find ThisMakesMeSick by searching "ear stapling?" We wrote about it, here. All hail the new weight loss solution.

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You don't say...

  • "This election destroyed a popular Karl Rove myth. The truth is that trial attorneys are winning, attacks on trial attorneys are backfiring and opponents of the civil justice system are losing."

    The CEO of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America said.

  • "We have discovered that virtually all patients are willing to sign a contract in which they agree not to sue their doctors on frivolous grounds."

    Jeffrey Segal, M.D, a board-certified neurosurgeon and the founder and president of Medical Justice Services, Inc., said.

  • "Low-risk obstetrics has been done here for 60 years, but not anymore."

    Carl Hanson, chief operating officer of the county-run Minidoka Memorial Hospital in southern Idaho hospital's, explained as they get out of the baby business. Read

  • "I have children, and I don't know where they're at."

    Rosalinda Elison, a former patient at the UC Irvine Medical Center’s fertility clinic, said after learning that that her eggs and embryos had been stolen and implanted in another woman who then gave birth to twins.

    Read more You Don't Say, here.

Crisis by numbers:

  • $4.6 million

    New York state grants available to expand the use of electronic medical records. Such initiatives have been hailed nationally as a way to cut medication errors, save money and improve patient safety. LINK

  • $700,000

    Amount raised by Fairness and Accountability in Insurance Reform to oppose malpractice limits in Arizona. LINK

  • $450,000

    Amount the Arizona Medical Association says Arizonans for Access to Health Care has raised to decide whether to push for montetary limits on lawsuits. LINK

    Read more CRISIS BY NUMBERS, here.

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