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August 29, 2006


Calvin Mills

September 6, 2006
To All Concerned:
This letter is to inform the news media, general public and more importantly, women who use the birth control pill Levlite 28.

In February 2006 my wife Veronica was sent by her doctor to see an OB-GYN Dr. Diane Brinkman at the Austin Regional Clinic in Austin, Texas for imaging of a Fibroid Tumor. My wife should have not have been given this drug at her age. During my wife’s visit Dr. Brinkman recorded my wife’s medical history which aside from the tumor was very good health.

My wife advised Dr. Brinkman of her complications with her monthly cycles and the doctor gave my wife 30 day samples of Levlite 28.
No verbal or written instructions given.
No verbal or written warnings of this drug were disclosed by Dr. Brinkman.

After about 3wks of using L28 my wife developed symptoms that appeared that she was in some type of cardiac distress and was rushed to the hospital. She was placed in intensive care for several hours and was diagnosed with massive blood clots in both legs and lungs. She was hospitalized for several days.

The damage now is that now my wife must remain on blood thinners for the rest of her life.

She cannot lift anything over 20lbs.

She must wear a medic alert bracelet at all times.

She is easily fatigued.

She suffers from chest discomfort and chronic leg pain.

She cannot work ever again.(She was earning over $600.00 p/w before this happened)

She has been diagnosed with Depression & Anxiety

The family discussed this matter and we decided that someone must be made accountable for this and we agreed that Dr. Brinkman in our opinion was negligent and careless with dispersing this drug to my wife.
I did extensive research on Levlite 28 and all the appropriate warnings are posted online and with pharmacies that sell it.

However samples are not accompanied with warnings and if that is the norm then the responsibility should be with the medical professionals that supply the product to their patients. But what is disturbing about his case is that my wife should never have been given this drug due to her age and history. My wife has never used birth control pills and was not educated properly on the risk. Other doctors and her current cardiologist agreed that this was improper.

We at this time have sought legal help from several firms in the Austin area only to be denied because of reasons that mystify us. We are told that Levlite 28 is considered a low hormone, low risk drug and the doctor is not responsible for giving verbal warnings and other law professionals are just interested in going after the drug manufacturer. Whatever the reasons, my wife is suffering and her life has been changed from someone that was working, shopping, physically active with housework, caring for her grandchildren, etc. Now she mostly sits at home with extremely limited activity.

We have discussed this case with family members, friends and strangers and all are outraged and urge us to get legal satisfaction but lawyers are telling us that there is no case or they are not capable of pursuing this case.

Well I will not accept this, nor will the rest of our families.

So we intend to advise the local public of Dr. Brinkman’s casual issue of Levlite 28 and the risks, we will advise all local & national news agencies and hope they will spotlight this incident and investigate any incidents that mirror the events mentioned above. And we will also spread the events in this letter on the World Wide Web especially to women’s magazines and health websites, and all blogs and bulletin boards that appropriately address medical issues for women. We will also advise all consumer groups and regulatory agencies about this matter as well.(For instance Rip-Off Reports.com)

The most important point is to alert the public so no other woman will suffer due to reckless medical consultation or practices.

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