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March 29, 2006


Clark Bartram

Regardless of the hospital's intention, it is not necessarily poor form to implement such screening protocols. Kernicterus, although not common, has increased in incidence despite our current efforts and it is a devestating condition. One way to solve this issue is with the use of transcutaneous bilirubin meters. These have been shown to be fairly accurate. One study showed in around 400 children that they were never off by more than 3. Check every baby and if the addition of 3 to the cutaneous level would change your managment get a venous level. Much fewer sticks, better screening than the "looks kind of yellow" protocol.

Dr John Crippen

Hi Flea

thanks for dragging me over to this fascinating site.

Now, a question. Immunisations. Which we have been covering.

Have there been any cases yet (I say yet, because it is the USA and I bet there will me) of children who, at the insistence of their parents, have NOT been immunised according to recommendations and then gone on to contract measles or whatever, suing their parents for neglect?



Not to my knowledge, John. But there have been dumber, more outrageous suits filed here, the litany of which would be hilarious if it weren't all so damned serious.




Reading about the baby that died due to Kernicterus and just wondering do you have any more details on that case because I myself had a baby and she died when she was 3 months old due to same problem. Basically my healthcare provider didnt gave me the adequate care during my pregnancy which lead to her problems.

Thank You

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