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December 29, 2005


Greedy Trial Lawyer

I gathered my greedy family together this morning to watch the cartoon. I have to say that it will definitely motivate my greedy ambitions. Thank you for recharging my desire to make medical providers compensate the devastated victims of their errors.

The creation of this cartoon by Protect Patients Now speaks volumes about the intellectual underpinnings of its side of the debate. It appears Protect Patients Now is not the slightest bit interested in having an intelligent debate based on facts. Or, is the cartoon intended to move the debate into the grade schools of America?

If anyone wants to Protect Patients Now, I say Stop The Malpractice. It is that simple.


How much time have you spent in clinical practice? How much first hand experience do you have witnessing real-time medical malpractice? You practice under a retrospective microscope. But I'll order an extra defensive CT scan on my night shift tonight, which will keep 5 more actual Sick People out in the Waiting Room, just to help you "Stop the Malpractice". Good Luck with your lottery.


I love talking points. I wonder how many victims of malpractice feel they've won the lottery? I know before I fall asleep each night I try to determine wich loved one I'd be willing to sacrifice to be so "lucky." Doesn't everyone?


"victims of malpractice"

Can you prove that the majority are "victims of malpractice". Or are they just "victims of bad outcomes" Sorry, buddy. If someone young dies, somebody's gotta pay. M.D.= More DOllars.

Samson Isberg

In very primitive cultures (on a stone age level) we are told it is customary to blame any kind of disease on someone else. You have an enemy who has put a hex on you, and the only thing you can do to get well is to get your witch doctor to put a counter-hex on your enemy, or kill him yourself.
- This kind of thinking, linking disease and death with personal guilt and blame, has now come back into the modern world. If the Western world's lawyers have nothing else to atone for, their bringing back this kind of primitive, muddled reasoning into what used to be a rational, civilized world is reason enough for outlawing their profession.



Exactly how much experience do you have with the American legal system? You seem to have a lot of strong opinions for someone who lives in Norway, is it?

Do you have any idea how rare it is for a bad result to get compensated in this country? Do you have any idea what it is like to have a debilitating injury that requires long term treatment and not have insurance in this country? I sincerely doubt it.

To someone with universal health care, it probably does seem a bit much. But until US citizens have that safety net, they will have to do something to survive when someone else is at fault
for their injury.


"M.D.= More DOllars."

That's true, physicians make more money by nearly 50% than any other profession in the United States. And nearly 700% more on average than their colleagues worldwide.


Physicians are the number three cause of death in America and the number one cause of bankruptcy. Think that might have something to do with the malpractice "crisis?"

Funny how no physican's group ever discusses the role of malpractice in the cost of malpractice insurance. It's as if it doesn't exist.

If you want to lower your malpractice costs, lower your malpractice. Pretty simple, that.


I will order unnecessary tests and proceedures all the time because of the fear of getting sued. It is not just the actual reward but the fact that you as a physcian feel that you must be perfect with every diagnosis or proceedure or someone will sue you. You are always watching your back. Medical care becomes more expensive because you order more tests to prove your case if it happens to go to court. The country needs to wake up and realize we as physicians are human. We make human errors sometimes. It is only in our profession if you make an error someone may get hurt or die. Some of the public believes we are out to get them when we are here to help. If you don't trust a doctor don't go to see them for help. Don't walk in the door. in the first place. Simple isn't it? We are trying to facilitate a positive outcome for things we did not cause. Also doctors make good money because they make big sacrifices to get to where they are at. If you invested $200,000+ of your money and many hours of your life studying medicine putting off sleep, family, and your own life would you not want to be compensated well. It is easy to sit back and make excuses and be envious of what a doctor makes. I tell people that complain about what doctors make that if they go to college, then medical school, then residency, pass all the tests, and get an unrestricted medical license I will hire them and they can make the same. How many of the whiners do you think take me up on the offer? None. They would rather whine and belly ache that didn't get what they wanted without any work. You want a fair malpractice system? You can sue who you want but if you don't win then you have to pay all the defendants legal fees and lost wages. You better have a good case and not just be playing the lottery in that case. When you sue a doctor you have sent a message to them that they are a bad doctor and should find something else to do. You sue enough doctors and no one will do it. Wonder why we have to pay them good? We put up with all the B.S. of our current medical system on a daily basis. You think I am wrong then walk in our shoes before you pass judgement. If doctors are so bad then why does everyone get upset when they start fleeing a state? I think you would be saying good ridence if we are so bad.


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The country needs to wake up and realize we as physicians are human. We make human errors sometimes.

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Doctors group's cartoon blames the greedy lawyers

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Physicians are the number three cause of death in America and the number one cause of bankruptcy. Think that might have something to do with the malpractice "crisis?"

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I can't blame them for this to happen for their professions has a huge difference.


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As you can bet richer people have better health system because it has gotten pretty expensive.


Thank you so much.

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