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November 01, 2005


common sense?

Yeah, I'm a safe driver. I ahve NEVER caused a car accident, so I should not have to carry car insurance, right?

Oh wait, I'm REQUIRED by my STATE to carry car insurance.

I wonder why...

And this guy can still practice, he just can't get paid by BC/BS.

So who's fault is that? Lawyers, or the Insurance Company?

Common Sence Critic


Everyone with an MD by their name is not required by law to carry malpractice insurance. Its not like car insurance.

And now that you have invited the comparison. Does your car insurance pay for car washes? What about oil changes? gas? The idea of car insurance is to protect the owner from the serious financial burden of the loss of their car. Health insurance on the other hand becomes necessary for everything from a simple physical (Which most poeple could easily pay for out of pocket, if the insurance company wasn't there). Health insurance shouldn't be confused with any other form of insurance.

I would have no problem going to a doctor with no malpractice insurance, if anything i would feel safer.


A bit unfair isn't it. I'm guessing that they also think that he is an older man who won't give a rats ass too...wrong! ;)


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